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The Museum of Paleontology and Geology houses an irreplaceable collection of the geology, fossil fauna and flora of the mainland and the islands of Greece. The collection of fossils falls into four main groups: invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, and micropaleontological objects. The most important fossils are on exhibit for the public. The fossils from Greece range in time from 290 million years ago until only about 4.4 thousands years ago. The oldest Greek fossils are trilobites and brachiopods from the Permian deposits of Chios. Apart from the Greek fossils, we have some foreign fossils and casts, mainly of large reptiles.

Fossil Vertebrates Collection of Fossil Vertebrates

Collection of Fossil Invertebrates Collection of Fossil Invertebrates

Collection of Fossil Plants Collection of Fossil Plants

Vrissa's Collections Vrisa Natural History Collection

The Natural History Collection of Vrissa, Lesvos, is part of the collection of
the Museum. The Vrissa Collection contains rocks, minerals, fossils, plants and taxoderms of the living fauna of the island.




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